Alvar Aalto

The Finnish architect, urban planner and furniture designer (*1898, †1976) is considered as founder of organic, nature- and people-centered design. The common notion to architecture as "frozen music" relates to Aalto in a special manner: In Finnish, "aalto" translates as "wave" or "surge". Music, which travels space in terms of waves, and whose interpretation adds (e)motion and impact, stands in close proximity to the "poetry of the room" (Gaston Blanchard) in which it is performed.

As a front-runner of the "humanization of architecture", Aalto declined the usage of artificial materials, but rather used wood and brick, which inspired him to his signature organic shapes. The Aalto Ensemble shares his vision to let unspoiled, natural, "unplugged" materials develop their impact on the audience's reception of our interpretation of music.



Photo: Hans Jan Dürr


Thus, the Aalto Ensemble follows the ideal to perform not only in conventional concert venues, but also to play in exceptional, architecurally interesting sites, and to let the "magic of the location" also play their part in the listener's experience.











Our logo pays homage to the mezzanine and balconies
of Aalto's opera house in Essen/Germany
(...and likewise to the five lines of the staff).




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